Kat Jacobsen

As a new writer, I was audacious enough to decide my first work would be a 10 book series in dragon fantasy, which has progressed at a snail’s-pace. While my mind struggled with the dragons, I branched out into short stories and early chapter books. I hope to add middle school struggling reader books to my repertoire but this is still swimming in my brain.

I started writing fiction in high school, mostly while trying to look busy in math class. I did some of my best early writing there, and I always looked like I was taking copious notes. In college I took a creative writing class for fun. Unfortunately, as this had nothing to do with my major (Sports Medicine), I soon did not have time or energy to write.

After meeting my husband’s sister who is a voracious writer–when her muse strikes–I started thinking about writing again. With her encouragement, my husband’s support, and his money, I took a city recreation class on writing and began again.

I live in California with my poetic 7 year-old daughter; my evil genius husband; and a scaredy-cat Great Dane named Daisy. I enjoy athletic training, reading, and having fun with my family.